Ms. Davis - Third Grade

Hello My Name Is...

Ms Davis

We Have High Expectations

Expect High Achievements

eXcellence in Perfomance

Producing Future Leaders

Exemplary Performance in Education

Confidence in Students Abilities


Aptitude, Attitude, and Altitude



Optimal Teaching

Navigating Students unto the 21st Century

Superior Teaching and Students Performance


School Mission Statement

Working together to provide optimal teaching and learning experiences that increase student achievement.
My Philosophy Of Education

It is my belief, through education; an individual will receive the vital skills and tools that are necessary to build a life that is successful and prosperous.  I believe that students must feel that they matter and their view are taken into consideration; therefore, it is essential that teachers, parents, and the school community work together to create a productive and collaborative learning environment.  In conclusion, my ultimate goals as a teacher are: To provide students with high quality instruction that meets the individual needs of each student.  To instill a passion for learning within my students while providing them with an educational environment that is encouraging and positive



Students are given homework and/or handouts on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  They may not know the answers but they should read the questions carefully and try to pick the best answer.  They will be given the answers in class but trying to pick the answer on their own helps prepare for the IlEAP  and PARCC test.


Test Schedule

Thursday…English/Science & Soc. Studies

Friday….. ELA & Math