Mr. Beckwith - Fifth and Sixth Grade ELA

Hello My Name Is...

Mr. Beckwith


   I believe all students are intelligent and can achieve great success. I will never give up on any student and if you as a student will try your best, I will help you to make your best even better. I discourage being average and I believe all of my students can learn. I do not believe in "maybe" and I do not believe that the kind of home a student comes from has anything to do with what the child can become. I want my students to think for themselves and it is education that will give them the opportunity to lead themselves. My work as your teacher is ageless, timeless, and my influence will never end... because you, my students, will carry on what I have the world with excellence, self-determination, and pride

My name is Mr. Beckwith and there are a couple of things I would like you to know: our class will be structured in a workshop format (less lecture, more responsibility on you, the student), where students are asked to be doing a lot of independent and shared work with their own choice reading and writing.  It is important therefore for students to read independently. 

Attendance is VERY important in my class especially because we have so many different items to cover to ensure that we are adhering to the Louisiana Common Core Standards. Therefore, if you are absent, it is important for you to get all materials covered on the days you are absent. If it is a planned absence (for example, a trip/vacation), please let me know as soon as you do so I can get you the appropriate homework and missed classwork BEFORE your absence.

At Lincoln Elementary, we not only want to create lifelong learners (especially readers and writers), but also create respectable citizens.  Therefore, I expect each of my students to be respectful to themselves, others, and the school environment.  I have high expectations for behavior in my class:  I like to say, if you wouldn't do it/say it in front of an elderly grandma, then you probably shouldn't be doing it/saying it here.  

My goal is for our class to become a trusting and supportive community of learners, and this can only happen if we respect each other, including our similarities and differences.

Please use this website to check for copies of updated homework assignments (in case you have misplaced yours), as well as updates on what we're learning/doing in class and what you should be doing at home to support this learning.

Parents: If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to volunteer in our class, please contact me.  I am always looking for parent volunteers.  Also, if you would ever like to sit-in on a class with your child, I very much support this, as I believe it encourages better behavior and learning from our students, as well as an understanding of what we do in the classroom for our parents.

Thank You & I look forward to working with all of you this school year!

Marcus Beckwith 
5th grade Homeroom teacher and
5th and 6th grade English language arts teacher, Lincoln Elementary 
318 329-4558