Kevin Branson - Curriculum Coordinator

kbprofileHello, my name is Kevin Branson, and I am the Curriculum Coordinator here at Lincoln Elementary. This marks my 4th year at Lincoln (I was formerly a Special Education Resource Teacher here), and I consider myself blessed to have the privilege to be here at this excellent school!

As Curriculum Coordinator, my mission is to work with our fine faculty, under the oversight of our Principal Vicki Williams, in order to assist in the efficient and effective implementation of the curriculum adopted by Monroe City Schools. My goal is the same as the rest of the faculty and staff at Lincoln: Every Student Succeeds!

We have committed to working together in order to ensure the academic success of EVERY student at Lincoln Elementary. Our kids are THE BEST, and we love them! Our job is to help them discover all of the wonderful successes of which they are capable. It's a really great job. Watch us, watch them...succeed!