Coach McFarland - Physical Education

Coach Nikki Wade-McFarland’s PE Philosopy

I believe that physical education presents a unique opportunity to contribute to the overall health and development of every student. I see teaching as a foundation in helping students build lifetime skills and a strong knowledge base in a variety of content areas. As a physical education teacher, I believe that the most important thing I can teach my students is a love for lifetime wellness. With heart disease and obesity on the rise, I feel it is my responsibility to teach children how to develop healthy eating and fitness habits.  I have over fifteen years of experience as an educator. I am also excited to implement my experience as an athletic coach into my class, with a specific intent to improve bio-mechanics and skills.  I also seek innovative ways of integrating core subject areas into physical education. I am very passionate about integrating literacy into my physical education as well. My goal is to bridge the gap between the core subject areas, and physical education in order to eliminate the negative stigma of physical education.