Vickie Williams - Principal

01It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to welcome our parents, students and community.  Also, it is an honor to have such great parents and community leaders involved in the educational process of our students.  In addition to the parents and community support, it is a pleasure to have dedicated facilitators, and staff that work with a common interest in producing career and college ready students.  We work toward meeting every challenge.  We are determined in achieving academic gains in student performance. 

The Shelling Elementary Family’s purpose is clear: we collectively speak with one voice as we declare our Vision of Excellence.  Our purpose is simple.  Our presence is undeniable. Our patience is unwavering.  Our passion is pure.  For every life that we touch, the world will be affected.  We hold the lives of the future in our hands.  We strongly believe that all children can learn and are committed to possibilities that lie therein.  I can think of nothing more powerful than "an idea whose time has come".  We, the Shelling Elementary Family, embrace the passion of its namesake and the pledge to keep academic excellence alive.

The school has been successful in establishing a Jr. Beta Club, Bell Choir, Chess Club, Robotics Club, Shelling Sapphires, Drama Club, Shelling Shakespeares writers, and most recently Shelling Majorettes.  We offer music, orchestra, and band.  We provide our students with the latest technology (Personal computers, iPads, Tablets, Laptops, software, and websites to enhance academic achievement).  Also, we partner with community leaders in providing students with athletic activities such as, football, basketball, and baseball.   Students have been recognized for perfect attendance, outstanding academics, citizenship, excellent behavior, reading (Accelerated Reading), mathematics (Accelerated Math Program), and ROAR.  Student achievement is celebrated, (Field Trips, AR/AM Celebrations, ROAR, A & B Conduct, Principal’s List Luncheon, and Awards Day).

It is with unbounded pride and humility that I accept responsibility as Principal of Shelling Elementary School.  We, the faculty and staff endeavor to live up to the responsibility of academic excellence.  We will continue to work as a team to provide the best educational and social  opportunities for our students.

“There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come” and with every fiber of our collective abilities, we are determined to be trailblazers in ensuring that EVERY STUDENT SUCCEEDS!.

Educationally yours,

Vicki Adams-Williams